About our Pastor



                      Pastor Roloson was born and raised in western New York. At the age of eight, he recieved Christ at Grace Baptist Church, in Beaver Dams, NY. When he was eleven years old, he surrendered to preach while attending Youth Conference at First Baptist Church in Hammond, IN. He preached his first sermon at the age of twelve.

                       He attended college at Hyles-Anderson College in Crown Point, IN, graduating in 1999 and 2001. He met and married his wife, Yoon (Bo), while at Hyles- Anderson. Bo grew up in Rockville, Maryland. She was saved at the age of fifteen through the ministry of Independent Baptist Church in Clinton, MD. She is also a graduate of Hyles- Anderson College. Together they have five children.

                       Pastor Roloson came to the Fargo- Moorhead area to serve the Lord as Pastor in March of 2003.